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  • Anderson Composites Debuts Muscle Car Carbon Fiber at SEMA

    SEMA highlights the latest Anderson Composites Mustang S550 and Corvette C7 muscle car carbon fiber body parts.

    Anderson has taken two great body-styles - the Mustang and the Corvette - and “Redefined Lean Muscle” by emphasizing the sleek lines to make these bodies even more powerful. Anderson Composites is widely held as having that “best in show” quality and the demand for their muscle car carbon fiber products proves it!

    Ford Mustang Muscle Car with Carbon Fiber
    Ford Mustang 'Hottest Car in Show'
    Corvette C7 Muscle Car with Carbon Fiber

    Corvette C7 'Definitely Not Stock'


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  • Anvil Carbon Fiber helps you reduce the weight of your vehicle and you look cool

    Using Anvil Carbon Fiber will help you look cool and reduce the weight significantly on your vehicle.

    Anvil Auto and its owner, Matt Lazich, are the premier producers of early muscle car carbon fiber parts. Their products have earned top awards in 2010 for Anvil’s car Halo Mustang, in 2013 for Steve Strope’s TT Camaro, and again in 2014 with Mark Stielow’s Hellfire Camaro, and now top honors at Good Guys Del Mar 2015 with Barry’s Speed Shop’s Mean Green Camaro - all go to heavily Anvil-clad Camaros and Mustangs. The key to Anvil’s success is Lazich’s straight-forward, clean and muscular design and the reason why award-winning builders choose Anvil. You can now put these award winning competition-proven parts on your car and we’ll show you how it’s done. Carbon fiber parts are available for body, interior and engine components. Wondering why you should investigate and purchase from Anvil Auto for your body parts? There are three major benefits: speed, handling and better gas mileage. Continue reading

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