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What is the latest news from our builders and designers.
  • The Anvil 1969 Ford Mustang

    The Anvil Mustang is a successful collaboration of design ideas and talents between Pure Vision and Anvil Auto. The project began as a vehicle to develop and showcase a new line of 1969 Ford Mustang parts for Anvil Auto. What it has become far surpassed everyone’s expectations. It has won many prestigious awards and is featured in the “Fast And Furious 6” movie and continues to gain in notoriety with a spread in Hot Rod Magazine.

    Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang


    The following carbon fiber parts were developed by Anvil Auto and Pure Vision:  Custom hood with functional air extractors, front bumper, front spoiler, front fenders (widened by 1 1/8”), custom cowl panel with recessed wire mesh vent opening, deck lid, rear quarter extensions, flush bumper, custom 3 pc. rear spoiler, driver’s and passenger’s dash inserts.   Modifications to the stock sheet metal performed by Pure Vision are numerous, albeit, subtle.  Like all Pure Vision creations, the goal was to enhance the original body lines without spoiling them, while adding details that have purpose. Here is just a partial list of some of the more significant mods. Front grille modified to eliminate inboard headlights and adding fog lights behind it. Front lower valance has’66 Corvette turn signals frenched into it and former turn signal housings modified to serve as brake cooling ducts.

    Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang with Modifications Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang with Modifications


    Firewall moved back 3 ½”. The rear quarters have been widened by 1 1/2” on either side. Tail panel modified to fit ’68 Mustang tail lights and cut outs with mesh screen, Anvil icon gas cap. Back up lights removed from lower valance and “floating” PIAA lights place behind mesh in tail panel. Rocker panels modified to fit side exit exhaust. Functioning rear quarter brake cooling scoops. Door handles, wiper arms and hood hinges all lightening drilled    Major amounts of steel tubing integrated into chassis, engine bay and passenger compartment for much needed stiffening. Anvil Phantom side marker lenses integrated into body work.

    Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang Rear as Modified Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang Rear as Modified


    Front Suspension- JME Enterprises all aluminum cradle, spindles and  A-arms with F1 style push rod in-board cantilever coil over shocks by JRI and Hyperco coil springs powder coated red to match interior.

    Rear Suspension- Modified Maier Racing torque arm, inverted Watts link system with F1 style push rod in-board cantilever coil over shocks by JRI and Hyperco coil springs powder coated red to match interior, Speedway Engineering prepared Ford 9” rear axle housing with NASCAR full floater hubs and axles.

    F1 Rear Suspension F1 Rear Suspension


    Other- Fabricated and relocated engine mounts and transmission cross-member, JME sub-frame connectors, custom fabricated and integrated tie down strap hooks, 12 point ARP fasteners used throughout.

    Aluminum Jon Kaase Racing 520 cid Boss “9” producing 805 HP Aluminum Jon Kaase Racing 520 cid Boss “9” producing 805 HP


    Drive Train

    All aluminum Jon Kaase Racing 520 cid Boss “9” producing 805 hp which equals an outstanding 4 to 1 power to weight ratio, Custom Pure Vision billet aluminum motor mounts, air cleaner, spark plug wire holders, alternator bracket  and remote oil filter mount, Electromotive ignition system under dash, aluminum Griffin radiator, Custom stainless headers by Resurrection by Mike using Spin Tech 3” stainless mufflers and tubing, Custom aluminum oil pan by Jeff Johnston, Modern Driveline prepared Tremic TKO 600 5 speed transmission with Quick time billet steel bell housing, fabricated bell housing cover with inlet and outlet clutch lines, Kevlar clutch, custom aluminum drive shaft, tunneled frame rail for fuel fitting pass through, hand-made fuel lines and bulkheads, Fuel Safe fuel tank with in tank pump, 12 point ARP fasteners used throughout, driveline moved back 3 1/2”.


    Complete custom leather interior with wool carpet by Eric Thorsen Custom Upholstery, fabricated center dash switch panel complete with cell phone storage and 12 V power port, auxiliary gauges on dash pad, custom one-off gauges by Redline Gauge Works, fabricated mounting locations for Wilwood hanging pedal assembly, fabricated throttle pedal with splined shafts and needle bearings, fabricated dead pedal, fabricated shifter arm, shifter bezel and window cranks by White Rhino, fabricated mounts for electric heater and all under dash electronics, widened/modified fiberglass rear quarter and rear seat delete  panels and related brackets  to accommodate widened wheel tubs and Maier Racing suspension, fabricated battery box with integrated cut off switch, map light from late Fox body Mustang, LED courtesy lights in sail panels, roof panels and under dash, steering column shortened with roller bearings, Electric power steering motor and ESC module integrated into steering system, 12 point ARP fasteners used throughout.

    Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang Custom Interior Anvil's 1969 Ford Mustang Custom Interior


    Baer Brakes 6S caliper custom powder coated to match interior, 14” rotors front and rear, hand-made hard lines, brake controls of pedal bias and proportioning valve and rear brake line lock at driver’s control in dash.

    Wheels & Tires

    Custom machined by Evod Industries patterned after 1969 Gurney Eagle Indy car; Front= 18 X 9.5 Rear= 19 X 12, shod with Michelin Pilot Sport II Front= 275/35ZR18, Rear= 345/30ZR19.

    Check out our video here

  • Transmission Conversion for Hot Rods and Muscle Cars

    Transmission Conversion by the Experts Transmission Conversion by the Experts

    Performance vehicles are the ultimate toy for driving excitement. We’ll help you with your transmission conversion by swapping out your old manual transmission or 3-speed automatic and replacing it using our bolt-on Tremec 5 or 6 speed transmission bundle.  We include everything from the transmission, clutch, hydraulic conversions, and electronic components. The result is an increase in your vehicles performance and value.

    American V8’s sound great when you hit the gas, but most imports will give you a run for your money unless you have something special under the hood. The first place to get moving faster is your transmission, as it optimizes your engines power.

    In the 1960’s and 70’s muscle cars only came with 4 speed manuals or 3 speed automatics. These old school gearboxes are now 40 to 50 years old, and repairing them is more costly than purchasing a new one, that bolts right in.

    We’ll show you the best options to make your car go faster, shift better, reduce engine wear, and be more fun to drive.

    Some advantages to converting to a manual transmission are:

    • More Efficient Highway Cruising at Today's Speed Limits.  Back in the day we used to use horse drawn carriages and went about 10 miles per hour.  Then we got 3 speed transmissions and were able to achieve speeds of up ot 55 miles per hour.  But today most highways allow up to 70-80 miles per hour.  
    • Faster Acceleration.  With  more gears to match the HP and torque of the motor you get faster acceleration!
    • Increased Fuel Economy.  A result of lower RPM's at cruising speed. According to Consumer Reports (July 2015) replacing an old automatic transmission with a new 5 or 6 speed transmission will result in better mileage, from 2-5 miles per gallon.
    • Extended Cruising Range.  With increased gas mileage you can drive further on every tank!
    • Reduce Engine RPM’s and Wear. Because the engine doesn't turn as many RPMs it won't wear out as quickly.

    We have transmission conversion kits for hot rods and muscle cars. Start by identifying your vehicle and engine, the transmission choices are listed below:

    After you select your engine and transmission, our site will help you identify and select all the correct driveline parts.  Making your swap an easy experience that will give you years of motoring enjoyment and increase the value of your car too.

    Transmission Bundles by Dederichs Mortorsports and 1ShopAuto Transmission Bundles by Dederichs Mortorsports and 1ShopAuto

    Here are some additional tips or explanations for selecting driveline options:

    Aluminum or steel flywheels are simple. For strictly street applications stay with steel, aluminum is much lighter and best suited for competition-use only.

    Hydraulic throw-out-bearings simplify header installations for cramped space in the driveline tunnel. These have one simple hose that are easily routed around the exhaust headers, self-adjusting and make shifting easier, quicker and lighter than old style linkage.

    Engine mounts, cross members, pilot bearings and various adapters or electrical couplings are all identified for your specific make and model.

    Each new transmission has a larger output shaft that will require a new “yoke” to attach the driveshaft to the rear-end differential.

    These complete transmission conversion kits are available to order online today.  Custom shifters and modified gears are also available but may take a few weeks to build. Transmission Conversion Kits

    For help selecting any parts or customization please contact [email protected]

    This post was written by Joseph Dederichs and Alan Brown

  • Anvil Carbon Fiber helps you reduce the weight of your vehicle and you look cool

    Using Anvil Carbon Fiber will help you look cool and reduce the weight significantly on your vehicle.

    Anvil Auto and its owner, Matt Lazich, are the premier producers of early muscle car carbon fiber parts. Their products have earned top awards in 2010 for Anvil’s car Halo Mustang, in 2013 for Steve Strope’s TT Camaro, and again in 2014 with Mark Stielow’s Hellfire Camaro, and now top honors at Good Guys Del Mar 2015 with Barry’s Speed Shop’s Mean Green Camaro - all go to heavily Anvil-clad Camaros and Mustangs. The key to Anvil’s success is Lazich’s straight-forward, clean and muscular design and the reason why award-winning builders choose Anvil. You can now put these award winning competition-proven parts on your car and we’ll show you how it’s done. Carbon fiber parts are available for body, interior and engine components. Wondering why you should investigate and purchase from Anvil Auto for your body parts? There are three major benefits: speed, handling and better gas mileage. Continue reading

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