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BBK Performance

  • 1998-2002 GM F-Body BBK Full Exhaust Headers Swap

    Repairing and upgrading any muscle car may conceal many surprises since you don’t always know what’s in a car till after you take it apart.  We are going to swap out an old rusty set of exhaust headers on a ‘99 TransAm to help the LS engine breathe better.  Lots of changes have been introduced since 15 years ago.  The newly designed, larger diameter, Y pipe configuration BBK Exhaust Headers will definitely allow some more ponies out of the barn when we are done.

    The new exhaust headers are full-length and come equipped with a ceramic coating to keep the exhaust headers system from rusting and to better control heat radiated from under the car. There are no cats on this system so we will not be legal by emission standards in some states.

    Click here to hear how great they sound. The BBK Exhaust Headers are $525.00 from 1 Shopauto’s arsenal of go-fast goodies:

    Exhaust Headers for LS1 F Body

    Let’s review what it took to swap the new exhaust headers, and what power was gained. Continue reading

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