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Anvil Carbon Fiber helps you reduce the weight of your vehicle and you look cool

Using Anvil Carbon Fiber will help you look cool and reduce the weight significantly on your vehicle.

Anvil Auto and its owner, Matt Lazich, are the premier producers of early muscle car carbon fiber parts. Their products have earned top awards in 2010 for Anvil’s car Halo Mustang, in 2013 for Steve Strope’s TT Camaro, and again in 2014 with Mark Stielow’s Hellfire Camaro, and now top honors at Good Guys Del Mar 2015 with Barry’s Speed Shop’s Mean Green Camaro - all go to heavily Anvil-clad Camaros and Mustangs. The key to Anvil’s success is Lazich’s straight-forward, clean and muscular design and the reason why award-winning builders choose Anvil. You can now put these award winning competition-proven parts on your car and we’ll show you how it’s done. Carbon fiber parts are available for body, interior and engine components. Wondering why you should investigate and purchase from Anvil Auto for your body parts? There are three major benefits: speed, handling and better gas mileage.

67-69-Camaro-Front-Spoiler-Stielow-Hellfire Click to see Mark Steilow's reasoning on using Anvil Carbon Fiber for his 1969 Camaro Performance Restoration

Anvil’s parts improve your performance by reducing your vehicle weight by over 60% per part. This alone will help you accelerate and decelerate quicker. Consider replacing all the steel body parts on your car and you will shave off up to 200 pounds and those valuable seconds. You're able to take off 120 pounds from a Gen 1 (1967 to 1969), Gen 2 (1970 to 1984) Camaro just by replacing the front end with Anvil Carbon Fiber pieces and getting its total weight down to 3400 pounds which is amazing! This helped Mark Steilow whose Hellfire Camaro was a featured car at the 2014 SEMA Show get phenomenal racetrack and road course performance. His 1969 Hellfire Camaro featured Carbon Fiber Hood, Hood Vents, Rear Spoiler, Inner and Outer Fenders, Cowl Panel, Header Panel, Rear Bumper, and Lower Valence.

Now, it's important to note Mark Steilow is not the only major designer of performance cars to use Anvil parts. Do you remember in Fast and Furious 6 they were driving a 1969 Mustang and it was crunched by the tank on the bridge? That car was Lazich’s Anvil Mustang built by Steve Strope who is well known as one of the best builders for performance cars, as evident by the ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best in Class’ awards he has won at SEMA.

1969-Mustang-Halo Steve Strope talks about why he chose Anvil Auto's Carbon Fiber products on this 1969 Mustang.

Steve and his Pure Vision team have rebuilt multiple cars using Anvil Auto's Carbon Fiber because of it's advanced yet traditional look which exudes performance visually and on the track. The fact that it is lightweight helps to get better performance for racing but also helps to achieve the look being sought with a better material. The Mustang has Anvil Carbon Fiber wide front fenders, wheel tubs, hood, rear deck spoilers and hood. Another example of Stropes’ expert craftsmanship is this 2013 SEMA ‘Best in Show’ winner a 1972 Chevy Camaro which features many Anvil carbon fiber body parts.

1972 Chevy Camaro featuring Carbon Fiber Fenders, Wheel Tubs, Spoiler, Hood and more from Anvil Auto Watch this video as Steve talks about winning 'Best in Show' at SEMA 2013.

2015 Good-Guys Muscle Machine of the Year Finalist award at the Del Mar Nationals finished with multiple Carbon Fiber body parts from Anvil Auto. Barry’s Speed Shop in San Diego, CA, recently finished this very clean British racing green 1967 Camaro with Anvil carbon at the front and rear of the car along with a really novel retro LS3 engine serpentine belt. The excellent bodywork and unusual color for a Camaro earn this car ‘Best in Show’ at Good Guys in Del Mar.

2015 Good-Guys Muscle Machine of the Year Finalist award at the Del Mar Nationals finished with multiple Carbon Fiber body parts from Anvil Auto. 2015 Good-Guys Muscle Machine of the Year Finalist award at the Del Mar Nationals made with multiple Carbon Fiber body parts from Anvil Auto

More and more modern factory performance cars are built with carbon fiber body parts. Ford has tested and adopted carbon fiber hoods and other body parts into their Mustang, Focus and their new soon to be released, Ford GT. Ford tests had a more than 50% reduction in weight by using a carbon fiber hood instead of steel. The Carbon Fiber is twice as stiff as steel and has been able to reduce the different models of Ford vehicles by over 750 pounds. Find our Anvil carbon fiber parts for Mustang here.

Now, think about this, reducing the weight obviously means you’ll accelerate and decelerate quicker, but it will also deliver some major benefits for fuel consumption too. After all with rising gas prices, no matter if you’re a pro taking your car out to the track or you’re an enthusiast who wants to have the hottest car on the block adding carbon fiber means you’ve arrived in style. At 1ShopAuto we carry the full line of parts from Anvil and will work with you to keep you informed about the production process and the best installation practices - unlike what you might find elsewhere.

Anvil Auto takes pride in the meticulous production of all of their carbon fiber and fiberglass parts. The parts are built overseas in small batches to guarantee quality. But the wait is worth it, as these parts and their design, are unparalleled in the muscle car industry. 1ShopAuto carries the full line of Anvil Auto parts and will help you choose the right carbon fiber for your car. Below you'll see a few of our parts from Anvil that are specifically designed to enhance your 1967-1969 Camaro:

ANV-0100-02-44 Anvil Cowl Induction Hood (w/ Under structure) For 1967-69 Camaro
P/N: ANV-0100-02-44

Anvil 2" Cowl Induction Hood (w/ under structure)

1967-69 Camaro
Starting At $899.00


ANV-0100-14C-15C-66C-65C Anvil Front Spoiler For 1967-69 Camaro


P/N: ANV-0100-14C-15C-66C-65C

Anvil Front Spoiler

1967-69 Camaro
Starting At $285.00


ANV-0100-76-74-75-79 Anvil Cowl Panel with Alum Screen/Wiper Delete For 1967-69 Camaro


P/N: ANV-0100-76-74-75-79

Anvil Cowl Panel with Alum Screen/Wiper Delete

1967-69 Camaro
Starting At $229


Click to see the full listing of parts your 1967, 1968 and 1969 Camaro

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