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  1. McLeod RXT Replacement Disc

    1-9/64" x 10 Spline,9-11/16" Disc

    To keep your 'Red's Extreme Twin' clutch performing at its best you should replace the discs.
    $267.43 Retail $334.29

    You Save $66.86
  2. McLeod Sintered Iron Disc

    1-9/64" x 10 Spline,8" Disc

    $193.08 Retail $241.35

    You Save $48.27
  3. McLeod Mag Force Pin Drive Clutch Kit

    Built for racers looking for a lightweight, lower rotational mass, and high torque capacity clutch.
    $1,390.63 Retail $1,738.29

    You Save $347.66
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3 Item(s)