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American Muscle Cars appreciated by who???

The Japanese have a love affair with Classic American Muscle Cars

American Muscle Cars showcased in Japan

No, this isn't a story about good old American Muscle Cars defined, aka V-8's flogging the living daylights out of a Japanese Car. Definitely the Land of the Rising Sun has already been known for trusty, tiny 4 stroke cars that require to fit in their very populous streets, but they've come a great distance since they've become a worldwide automobile producer.

However, anything like a sports automobile or V-8 luxury car generally has been made for our market, where gas is relatively inexpensive and we drive on long, open roads. So when the Japanese take a healthy interest in American Horsepower, you can't help but sit up, rub your eyes, and take notice. It might amaze you to learn that the Japanese roll like we do. Gas prices in Japan outwardly hasn't been a big blockage, as they inclined to be reasonably matched against Europe, but last year's quake and tsunami have rushed costs to 18th-highest in the world (as compared to 50th for the U.S. ). Still, it's nice to see them appreciate some good old fashion American horse-power with out a drifter in sight.









The majority of the automobiles in attendance were Chevy-powered, which shouldn't be a shock.





If you didn't know any better, you'd swear these pictures were from somewhere here in the United States.

Perhaps American autos haven't been mainstream in Japan because what Detroit builds tends not to meet their requirements but there's no denying that the American car is alive in the old automobile pursuit in Japan.


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