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Anvil Auto is the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality carbon fiber and fiberglass custom parts for American muscle cars. Boasting three top SEMA awards, the best muscle car builders and top customizers world-wide recognize Anvil’s spectacular design and quality for their show and race creations. Anvil parts are designed to enhance the look of your car without losing the flavor of its original style - a bigger and more aggressive stance is achieved with front wheel tubs, fenders, hoods and spoilers. Camaro, Mustang, and Nova owners will get better handling and quicker track times with less weight and crowds of admirers. These custom parts can be ordered to help you build your next dream with 1ShopAuto, We’ve got all the right parts!
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  1. Anvil Hood Vent w/Aluminum Screen

    1970-81 Camaro

    Reduce your engine temperature and make your car look hot too!
    Price From: $349.00
  2. Anvil Rear Decklid

    1966-67 Nova

    A carbon fiber rear deck lid will reduce weight from your car. Get the hot new look of integrated fiber in your rally stripes too.
    Price From: $879.00
  3. Anvil Rear Spoiler

    1965-66 Mustang

    The factory forgot the spoiler, you can make a big difference in your car with down force and carbon fiber.
    Price From: $289.00
  4. Anvil Horizontal Console Overlay

    2010-14 Mustang

    The shifter console looks more down-to-business in carbon fiber.
  5. Anvil Phantom Lenses

    Replace your stock lenses with these custom phantom marker lenses.
  6. Anvil 2" Cowl Induction Hood (w/ under structure)

    1967-69 Camaro

    A carbon fiber hood is the most economical way to reduce the weight of your car. Anvil hoods are less than half the weight of the original steel hoods.
  7. Anvil Rear Bumper

    1969 Camaro

    Carbon fiber bumper for racing and car shows. Not street legal, but looks great!
    Price From: $479.00
  8. Anvil A Pillar Gauge Pod Trim

    1968-69 Camaro

    Keep an eye on critical gauges without taking your eyes off the road.
    Price From: $279.00
  9. Anvil Door Sill Plate (Pair) w/ Brushed Metal Alum Insert Engravable

    1967-69 Camaro

    Carbon fiber door sills accent your Camaro's interior while reducing weight.
  10. Anvil Radiator Closeout Panel

    1970-77 Camaro

    Make your engine cool and add a touch of carbon fiber or painted close out panel to the engine compartment.
    Price From: $299.00
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Items 1 to 10 of 154 total

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